How to Hold Drumsticks

Drumming rocks so I want to share with you how to CORRECTLY hold drumsticks so that you can experience the fun too!

Hold your drumsticks with one stick in each hand. Pinch a fulcrum pivot point with your thumbs and index fingers with the sticks between them. The 1st and 2nd knuckles of your index fingers should be where the drumsticks rest with the pads of your thumbs forming a “T” shape. Your index fingertips wrap down around each drumstick for additional control. Loosely wrap the rest of your fingers around the drumsticks including your pinkies. Your sticks should lay in line with the creases of your palms and thumb muscles when cupping your hands.

The trick is to have total control while staying relaxed. Over tight grip can cause harm to your body! Try to keep your sticks in the crease of your palms and play with your wrists facing down as much as possible. Bending your wrist, strike the drums and use the rebound of the drumheads as your sticks bounce off them with the force you hit them with.

I hope this helps with your drumming, let us know!

About Drummer Ryan GIO

Life long professional drummer!
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