March 2014 DRUM! Magazine - RYAN GIO

Featured “NEW BLOOD” Artist in March 2014 DRUM! Magazine

Click the article link in the Gio SHOP post above and read the full Voyage LA interview!

American Recorder Smart Bracket - NAMM DISPLAY

American Recorder Technologies’ Smart Bracket – NAMM DISPLAY

Duratech Sticks - March 2014 DRUM! Magazine ADVERTISEMENT

March 2014 DRUM! Magazine – Duratech Sticks AD

January 2013 Tattoo Magazine - EDGE OF PARADISE

January 2013 Tattoo Magazine with EDGE OF PARADISE

22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards (HARD ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR) and Music Connection Magazine (WHISKY A GO GO CONCERT REVIEW) - DEAD LEGEND

2012 Los Angeles Music Awards HARD ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR and Music Connection Magazine WHISKY A GO GO CONCERT REVIEW with DEAD LEGEND

August 2011 Tattoo Magazine - SEX IN PUBLIC

August 2011 Tattoo Magazine with SEX IN PUBLIC

NAMM Issue of Lost Anarchy Magazine - BLUE BEETHOVEN

Cover of Lost Anarchy Magazine NAMM issue with BLUE BEETHOVEN