March 2014 DRUM! Magazine - RYAN GIO

Featured “NEW BLOOD” Artist in March 2014 DRUM! Magazine

American Recorder Smart Bracket - NAMM DISPLAY

American Recorder Technologies’ Smart Bracket – NAMM DISPLAY

Duratech Sticks - March 2014 DRUM! Magazine ADVERTISEMENT

March 2014 DRUM! Magazine – Duratech Sticks AD

January 2013 Tattoo Magazine - EDGE OF PARADISE

January 2013 Tattoo Magazine with EDGE OF PARADISE

22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards (HARD ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR) and Music Connection Magazine (WHISKY A GO GO CONCERT REVIEW) - DEAD LEGEND

2012 Los Angeles Music Awards HARD ROCK BAND OF THE YEAR and Music Connection Magazine WHISKY A GO GO CONCERT REVIEW with DEAD LEGEND

August 2011 Tattoo Magazine - SEX IN PUBLIC

August 2011 Tattoo Magazine with SEX IN PUBLIC

NAMM Issue of Lost Anarchy Magazine - BLUE BEETHOVEN

Cover of Lost Anarchy Magazine NAMM issue with BLUE BEETHOVEN