What Is Musical Equipment Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

MusicPro Insurance
One thing a lot of musicians love more than anything is their prized musical instruments. Unfortunately, sentimental items cannot be completely replaced because nothing can replace the memories and history of something, but with the correct insurance coverage, YOU CAN get a qualified replacement quickly in an emergency. Most musicians have a lot of money invested in their gear and in a major loss would have trouble replacing it quickly with the same quality or better. With proper Musical Equipment Insurance, you can!

Musical Equipment Insurance is different than other normal insurances like home, rental, or car insurance. Those other insurances most of the time do NOT cover belongings used professionally to make an income with! This is exactly what most musicians are doing, or at least trying to do as soon as possible, so to not be covered or dropped because of this could be a disaster for someone trying to make a living from music if something unfortunate happens.

For years I have happily been insured with one of the best companies in the industry, MusicPro Insurance, and now luckily, you know about them too and can be covered as well : ) Tell them Drummer Ryan GIO told you and you will get helped. Share this knowledge with someone who needs it and KEEP ROCKING ON!

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